I understand that there are certain dangers inherent in playing hockey and/or ice skating, which include but are not limited to injuries from contact with other players/skaters, sideboards, goal standards, the ice, the puck and equipment. In consideration of being allowed to participate in the Ozaukee County Hockey League and to use the facilities of the Ozaukee Ice Center, I, individually and
for all others who may make a claim based on injury to me, accept and assume the risk of all personal injury and property damage and fully release, discharge, hold harmless and agree to indemnify Ozaukee County Hockey League and all of its agents from any liability, claims, loss of damage to me for any personal injury and damage to property which may occur while I am at Ozaukee Ice Center. I
understand that the purpose and intent of this Release is to prevent me, and others who may claim through me, from recovering any money from Ozaukee County Hockey league and its agents for any personal injury and property damage I suffer while playing hockey or skating. Further, I understand that the Ozaukee County Hockey League reserves the right to refuse or suspend any player whose conduct is deemed "not in the spirit of the league."

I have read and understand the release of liability and by submitting the following online
form I am applying my signature in agreement and accptance of the stated conditions.

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